Getting there. Just thought I would show the difference between this stock one and the new roof panel.


Ended up exactly 40mm-1.5" lower than the stock one. View from the other side. Overall it is about 10" wider and 8" longer than stock to take in the cab stretch and widening, but also the 2" roof chop.


I decided to fit a centre roof support even though it didn't have one before. The panel was nice and tight all over but it is a much wider, longer and flatter profile than stock. I started with the roof support from the 2008 Jeep donor roof and altered the profile to match. Surprising how much extra I will have to add to the length of it. Another reason for the support was to act as a brace between these flip down grab handles from the donor that have inbuilt lights. I folded up these supports with cut outs in them to mount them into.


The handle brackets brace back across the roof frame all the way to the gutter line. Also shows just how much arch is still in the roof even though it looks flatter than this from the outside. The roof was coated with zinc, as was the roof support and frame, and left to dry overnight ready for welding into place.


A nice thick beads of sealant was run over the support to cushion the roof and keep moisture out. It followed the roof profile nicely.